Modular Jack and Plug

Modular Jack and Plug

Modular Jack and Plug connections are used worldwide for telephone and network connections. There are different Jack and Plug types with different contact designs, such as 4P4C, 8P8C, 10P8C, 10P10C, and many more.


Order Options / Functions

- Types from 4P4C to 10P10C, as well as customized solutions.

- THT, SMT, THR versions with individual pin lengths also available in T&R (suitable for automatic assembly and reflow soldering)

- 10/100/1000 / 10G Base-T, PoE

- Port number 1-16

- Individual LED color combinations

On request, we can also assist you in your project with components that are currently not part of our product portfolio or offer customer-specific modifications.